What is meant by “genes at the trunk of the evolutionary tree”?

What is meant by “genes at the trunk of the evolutionary tree”?

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Recently I went through a paper about hepatocellular carcinoma in which they talked about trunk genes (p. 26, second paragraph):

Branching tumor evolution complicates efforts to implement personalized medicine and suggests that targeted therapies might be directed to genes that are mutated at the trunk of the evolutionary tree. Transposons provide powerful tools for identifying trunk genes, as insertions in trunk genes are more likely to be associated with a higher number of sequencing reads.

I really don't understand what are the trunk genes. Can anyone please explain them clearly.

Thank you

I think the article is using a phylogenetic tree to explain the stages of how the tumor has evolved.

According to >>

All trees have a shared 'trunk', which represents the complement of mutations shared by all malignant cells within the cancer.

Or simplified by >>

Phylogenetic tree, also called Dendrogram, a diagram showing the evolutionary interrelations of a group of organisms derived from a common ancestral form. The ancestor is in the tree “trunk”; organisms that have arisen from it are placed at the ends of tree “branches.”

For a visual representation, this is a phylogenetic tree for evolution of breast cancer >>

Image Source: Phylogenetic Cancer Trees

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