1.4.5: Module 1- Introduction to Biology - Biology

1.4.5: Module 1- Introduction to Biology - Biology

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1.4.5: Module 1- Introduction to Biology


Microorganisms are found almost everywhere on the planet. Due to the incredible amount of microbial diversity, microbes have evolved to live along the deep-sea floor, among soils and roots, and even inside you!

Microbes are essential to life they serve fundamental roles in our ecosystem and are critically important for nutrient cycling. As primary producers, some microbes generate energy through photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. Nitrogen-fixing microbes remove nitrogen from the atmosphere and transform it into forms useable by other organisms. Some microbes are decomposers they breakdown organic material and release nutrients into the environment.

Microbes are found across every niche and are essential to life!

Most microbes in the environment are harmless or beneficial, but a small portion of microbes can cause disease. By understanding functions and characteristics of microbes, we may be better able to understand and control the spread of disease.

1.4.5: Module 1- Introduction to Biology - Biology

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Photo credit: Burying victims of the Black Death (c. 1352, public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

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