Brazil nuts: a very rich food in Selenium

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Selenium is a mineral micronutrient element present in various foods (of plant and animal origin) and of great importance for the functioning and maintenance of the human body.

Functions and importance in the human body

- Free radical neutralization (antioxidant function);

- Prevention of certain types of cancer (property still under study);

- It acts in the cure of liver diseases (in the liver);

- It also acts in the healing of disorders in the muscles of the body.

Main health problems and diseases caused by lack of Selenium in the body:

- Myalgia (muscle aches)

- Pancreas degeneration

- Sensitivity in the muscles of the body;

- Increased susceptibility to cancer development.

Major health problems and diseases caused by excess Selenium in the body:

- Tiredness in the muscles of the body;

- Internal vascular congestion;

- Hair loss;

- Weakening of nails;

- Dermatitis.

It is found in the following sources:

- Brazil nuts (is the food with the highest concentration of selenium)

- Salmon

- Wheat bran

- Sunflower seeds (dried)

- Raw oysters

- Rye flour

- Beef liver

- Shrimp

- corn


- Selenium absorption occurs in the gastrointestinal tract and is stored mainly in the kidneys and liver.