Biology Books

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Bibliography (indication of Biology books):

Fundamentals of Modern Biology

Author: Amabis, Jose Mariano; Martho, Gilberto Rodrigues

Publisher: Moderna

Biology Today (volumes 1, 2 and 3)

Author: Linhares, Sergio; Gewandsznajder, Fernando

Publisher: Attica


Author: Birner, Ernesto; Uzunian, Armenian

Publisher: Harbra

Cell Biology

Author: Amabis / Martho

Publisher: Moderna

New Passport for Biology

Author: Pereira, Ana Maria; Waldhelm, Monica

Publisher: Brazil

Conservation Biology

Author: Primack, Richard B .; Rodrigues, Efraim

Publisher: Efraim Rodrigues

Essential Biology

Author: Lopes, Sônia

Publisher: Saraiva

Integrated Biology - Single Volume

Author: Cheida, Luiz Eduardo

Publisher: FTD

Biology Teaching Practice

Author: Krasilchik, Myriam

Publisher: Edusp

Cellular and molecular biology

Author: Junqueira, Luiz C.

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Biology in the Third Millennium 3 - Living Beings, Evolution, Ecology

Author: Soares, Jose Luis

Publisher: Scipione

Plant Biology

Author: Raven, Peter H.

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Cell Molecular Biology

Author: Alberts, Bruce

Publisher: Artmed

This is Biology - The Science of the Living World

Author: Mayr, Ernst

Publisher: Companhia das Letras

Biology Concepts

Author: Amabis, Jose Mariano

Publisher: Moderna

Biology Science and Technology

Author: Sídio, Machado

Publisher: Scipione

Basic Dictionary of Biology

Author: Lessa, Octacilio

Publisher: Modern Science